This page contains notes on the terms used in Locopage.

I should note that I can not claim that Locopage is 100% accurate simply due to the amount of information on the site, and also the fact that I do it as a hobby. Therefore, if you do find mistakes, please don't hesitate to email me.

A downloadable database is also available:

You can download a database of the information (MS Access 2000, 640kB zipped, 11MB unzipped) if you wish. This has far more information than this website (in terms of tech specs and fleet details), and is updated quarterly. The Zip file also contain a guide to the information (Adobe PDF). The most recent  update is December 2013.
If you don't have MS Access, you can still view the data in the database. One way of doing this is to install OpenOffice (a free competitor to Microsoft Office). The Base (database) software in OpenOffice can connect to the downloadable Access file and allow you to view/edit it. OpenOffice can be downloaded (around 150MB) or found on some computer/PC magazine DVD's.

Note: Due to work continuing to be busy, database updates from 2011 onwards will be on an 'as time permits' basis; generally over the Christmas-New Year break.

From 2015, the database will no longer be updated; this is because I am still busy at work and want to reduce the amount of time spent on the home computer.

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