This page lists preserved diesel and electric locomotives around Australia; all those locos covered on Locopage, as well as those from TasRail and the Emu Bay Railway, and some smaller industrial locos.

Operational locomotives are underlined. Those listed as 'lease unit' are available for lease to commercial operators (such as El Zorro, Independent Railways of Australia, or Southern Shorthaul Railroad).

If you have any amendments to this list, please contact me.

Many of these museums and preservation groups also have their own web sites; links to them can be found on the Locopage Links page.


707 Operations Ltd
F204 (spares), F208, T413 (lease unit), W241 (lease unit), W244 (lease unit), Y108, Y127 (lease unit), Y143

Alexandra Timber Tramway and Museum
The Pioneer (#4271), Paul Simpson (#5957) - Kelly & Lewis-built locos from 1935-1936

ARHS-North Williamstown Railway Museum
B83, E1102, F211, F216, L1150, S308, T367, V56, W243, W255, Y137, SECV-37

Bellarine Peninsula Railway
V8, VA1, X3, X20, 1604

Daylesford Spa Country Railway

Derm Preservation Association

Mornington Tourist Railway
T334, T411

Puffing Billy Railway
V9, D21 (V12), DH5 (CC2), DH31 (59)

Railmotor Group
Y168 (lease unit)

South Gippsland Railway
T342 (lease unit), Y135

Seymour Railway Heritage Centre
B74 (lease unit), C501 (lease unit), F202, S303, S310, T320 (lease unit), T357 (lease unit), T378 (lease unit), T382, X31 (lease unit), Y102, Y104, Y133 (hire to Victorian Goldfields Railway), GM28 (GM22), GM36 (lease unit), TL154, TL155

Steamrail Victoria
B63, B72, E1106, E1108, E1109, L1160, L1162, L1169, M231, M232, S313 (lease unit), T356 (lease unit), T364 (lease unit), T395 (lease unit), Y164, 518

Victorian Goldfields Railway
F212, T333 (lease unit), APM-Malcolm Moore

Walhalla Goldfields Railway
SECV-14, Emu Bay-1001, DH37, DH72

Yarra Valley Tourist Railway
T341 (lease unit), W250, Y145


3801 Ltd
4401 (lease from SRA), 4918, 7344 (lease from SRA)

ARHS-Canberra Railway Museum
4468, 4807 (lease from SRA), 961, BHP-D25

ARHS-Yass Railway Museum

Canberra Heritage Railway Restoration

Dorrigo Steam Railway & Museum Ltd
4206, 42102, 4420, 4521, 4602, 4706, 4822, 7007, 7008, 7010, 7329, 7335, 8507, 8601, 8650, X102, X204, X214, BHP-47, BHP-52, BHP-D11, BHP-JL3, Sulphide Corp-SC16, ADI-1 (Clyde 0-6-0), Coffs Harbour Wharf-1 (Motor Rail 0-4-0), Grain Handling Authority-2 and 3 (Whiting Corp 0-4-0), MSW&DB-51 (F C Hibbard 0-4-0), ?-X63 (Taylor &Hibbard 0-4-0)

Goodwin Alco Pty Ltd
4501 (operated by 3801), 4833 (operated by 3801)

Goulburn Railway Heritage Centre

4821, Blue Circle-D1

Hunter Valley Railway Trust
4472, 4627, 7350, X115

Lachlan Valley Alco Locomotive Group
4464, 4473, 4486

Lachlan Valley Railway
4204 (lease unit), 4502, 4528, 4701 (lease unit), 4702 (lease unit), 4703 (lease unit), 4707, 4708 (lease unit), 4716 (lease unit), 4903, 4906, HTV2000, BHP-D9

Lake Macquarie Light Railway, Toronto

Oberon-Tarana Heritage Railway
7307, 7321

Rail Transport Museum / Trainworks, Thirlmere

4001, 4102, 4201, 4306, 4490, 44211, 4520, 4638, 4803, 4916, 7006, 7100, 7921, 8646, BHP-D1

Rail Transport Museum, Valley Heights

Regional Heritage Transport Association (Junee)
4403 (Lease from RailCorp)

Richmond Vale Railway (Hunter Valley)
X217, DR1, BHP-32, BHP-34, BHP-42, BHP-43, BHP-53, BHP-54

Sydney Electric Train Society
4615, 8501, 8606 (all at Hornsby)

Office of Rail Heritage, Railcorp  (Heritage Electric Traction)
4801, 4805, X212

State Mine Railway, Lithgow
BHP-D6, BHP-D20, BHP-D21, BHP-D23, BHP-D24, BHP-D34

Sulphide Street Museum

Zig Zag Railway
Emu Bay-1003, Emu Bay-1004, MIM-5802


National Railway Museum
351, 515, 517, 801, 900, 930, DE91, GM2, NSU61, BHP-E1, ETSA-1, ICI-(no number)

350, 507, 527, 907 (in trust from Murraylander), 909 (in trust from Murraylander), 958, 963

Homestead Park Museum, Port Augusta

Pichi Richi Preservation Society
NB30, NSU51, NSU52, NSU54, NT76, BHP-DE10

532, NC1, NSU55, NSU62, Z1151


Old Ghan (Ghan Preservation Society)
NSU53, NSU58, NSU59, NSU64, DH14

Pine Creek Railway Museum

Adelaide River


Don River Railway
866, U1, U6, V2, V6, X4, Y6, Y8, ZC32, Emu Bay-1002

Diesel Traction Tasmania
2144 (ex-ZC19)

Derwent Valley Railway

U5, V7, X10, X18, X30, Y2, Emu Bay-21

Queen Victoria Museum (Launceston)

Tasmanian Transport Museum (Glenorchy)
X1, Y4, EZ-(no number)

West Coast Wilderness Railway
V13, Emu Bay-22


1150, 1179, 1200, 1263, 1614, 1650, DH38, DL3

Atherton Tableland Railway (Ravenshoe-Atherton)

Cairns-Kuranda Steam Train Group

EBR-1101, EBR-1102, EBR-1105

Downs Steam, Toowoomba

Mackay Heritage Railway

Mary Valley Heritage Railway (Gympie)

1632, 1639, 1649, DH45

Queensland Diesel Restoration Group, Swanbank
1225, 1707

Qld Pioneer Steam (Swanbank)
1616, DH71

QR Heritage Division (Ipswich North Workshops)
1159, 1170, 1262, 1270, 1281, 1407, 1450, 1455, 1461, 1603, 1620, 1651, 1710 (cab only), DH2, DL1

Southern Downs Steam Railway (Warwick)
Townsville Harbour-(no number [Comeng 1958-built])


Rail Heritage WA (ARHS-Bassendean Railway Museum)
GM1, A1501, B1601, E30, F43, G50, GM1, RA1918, X1001, XA1405, Y1101, BHP-5499, SECWA-(no number 2)

Boyanup Transport Museum
TA1807, XA1402, Y1116

Collie Railway Heritage Group
SECWA-(no number)

Goldfields Railway Preservation Society (Golden Mile Loopline Railway, Boulder)
B1610, Y1108, Z1153

Hotham Valley Railway Society
V4, V5, C1701, C1702, C1703, F40, XA1401, XA1411, Z1152

Mining Machinery Museum & Park, Port Hedland
BHP-5451, BHP-5497 (cab only), BHP-B2

Pemberton-Northcliffe Tramway
Y1102, Y1107, Y1114, Y1115, ex-Pemberton Sawmill DM 0-6-0 Comeng, DM 0-4-0 Plymouth

Pilbara Railway Historical Society
BHP-5495, BHP-5502, BHP-5450, BHP-B1, Hamersley-007, Hamersley-1000, Hamersley-2003, Hamersley-3017, Robe River-9405


NOTE:  V = VR / V/Line; N = SRA/Freightcorp; A = CR/SAR/AN; T = TasRail; Q = QR; W = Westrail; B = BHP; P = Other Private operators.

Static Display
V: B67 (cab only - Stratford), B68 (cab only - Perth)
N: 4203 (shortened - Emu Plains), 4445 (cab only - Werris Creek), 4705 (Werris Creek)
A: GM25 (Bendigo - Strathfieldsaye), NC2 (Port Lincoln), NSU56 (Marree), NSU57 (Marree), NSU60 (Marree)
T: U3 (Launceston)
Q: 1613 (Longreach), DL2 (Forsayth)
W: B1603 (Midland), F41 (Moora), T1804 (Northampton), TA1808 (Merredin), XA1403 (cab only - Gosnells), XA1415 (Narrogin)
B: E7 (Iron Knob)
P: Robe River-9401 (Wickham)

Privately Owned Units
V: T375 (Torrumbarry/Echuca)
N: 4465 (Werris Creek), 4617 (Junee - cab only), 7320 (Canberra), 7324 (Canberra), 8607 (Broken Hill), 8644 (Chullora), X101 (Port Kembla)
A: GM41 (Bendigo area - cab only)
Q: 1172 (Mount Morgan), DL14 (Bundaberg)
W: B1608 (Bellevue)
B: D7 (Canberra)
P: TL152 (location unknown)

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